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Created by MinifigJoe. My 1st Gmod Port! Created by Gerofon. This is my first attempt at making a wide scale map like this, if you notice anything weird about the map, please let me know! Right now I'll be trying to update the Add-on, by expanding the map, maybe adding props, more details to the textures. Bone Merger.

Created by Dewdos. The original bonemerge tool from GMod 12 now updated to work in GMod 13! This tool allows you to attach an entity to another entity using an effect called bonemerge.

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I just made it into a t Bowser Baddies Pack. Created by Karasz. A collection of Bowser's minions from the Super Mario series. All of them are ripped from the game and they are fully posable for your heart's content. Created by Mr. Official map for the Cinema Gamemode. Customizable Weaponry 2. Q: Why replace CW 1.

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Why not keep CW 1. Why not make it an update? Why are there so few weapons?

Why call it CW 2. Why is there no backwards compatibility?

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A: CW 2. Created by Kay-FC. This will bug all of TF2 weapons! To make this work uninstall or unsubscribe all your addons. Please report you got any error or some addon makes a conflict. Dark Pit Playermodel. Created by FZone DD Desert Road. Created by [ZSU] Damo.

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A map from an idea submitted in Dustbowl 2's comments. The map has scatters over the ground to help you feel at home in the harsh deser DD Dustbowl 2 Day. Gmod nuts! Deathrun Corridor. Created by cyanox. Deathrun Foundry. Created by Yam. Deathrun Goldfever. Created by Vlad. Deathrun Iceworld.

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Deathrun Tribute. Created by pablo. This map was not made by me. There are secret grenades. I will remove th Created by CLazStudio. My first deathrun map with fully custom textures. Minigames list: easy1, easy2, bhop, old, knife, jump, exchange, climb, tntrun Image by Sprax Deathrun map with textures from Digger Online 20 traps. Minigames list: bhop, climb, awp, knife, old, easy Destructible House. Created by TNS-Otacon. This will reset map without reloading it. If it isn Destructible house. Created by kolbaser. Fully destructable building, may cause lags on potato computer Created by TheEqualizer.

I just reuploaded it from garrysmod. It's good for Prop Hunt Servers or just spawn Doge Playermodel. Created by 2XMM2. Easy Bodygroup Tool. Created by Rubat. An improved bodygroup tool, also supporting skins! And it works on effects too! Easy Bonemerge Tool. An improved bonemerge tool. You can use ANY entity. Eggman nega. Created by Espio.

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Sonic 3 Inspired Item Box. Created by Hyperchaotix. This is actually the third source model I've ever made and the first one I've ever released.

Feature Spotlight: Random Item

The physics model is slightly off, but it shouldn't effect anything I don't know how to fix it, but I'll work on it. So, yep, the reimagined item Shrekzooka - by Gidz. Created by Pasgotti. Created by Bring Me To Cmdr. Explore the vast expanse of space with the Environments addon!

You spawn on a planet looking out into space. You see stars and other planets off in the distance. You have to choice to do what ever you want, be it explore space or make contraptions like Epic Sax. Created by uacnix. Ported to meet the giant requ FG Assault Rifles.