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Aim for one inch of water per week during the spring and fall, but when berries appear and start to ripen, increase your watering to four inches per week. Blueberry bushes have relatively shallow root systems compared to other plants, so you risk doing some significant damage if you weed with a garden rake or hoe.

The damp soil releases the entire root of the weed easily, so the whole process is pretty quick. Alternatively, a lawn maintenance company can help you find a solution to persistent weeds. This is one of the most common complaints, and unfortunately, there are several possible causes. Once you see your berries turn blue, wait another four days or so before you harvest them. Be sure to leave any unripe or partially ripe berries on the bush. Much like a bush not producing berries, failure to thrive can have several causes. Use either ammonium sulfate or a fertilizing compound designed for plants in acidic soil.

Blueberry bushes, like almost any other plant, are susceptible to pests and diseases, so if your plants are not doing well, a disease or pest infestation could be the reason. Your local plant nursery or agricultural extension will have more information on treating diseases and pests that are specific to your area.

It sure beats paying the market price for a half-pint of them at the grocery store! Seeing your blueberry bushes thrive is rewarding, and when they start bearing fruit, you may find yourself wanting a few more.

Whether you consider them a summer treat or just pretty, year-round landscaping, blueberry bushes have a lot to offer. Happy planting and berry picking!

Your Complete Guide to Growing Blueberries

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Nothing Tastes Better Than Fresh Blueberries Picked From Your Own Garden

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Growing Blueberries in the Home Garden | Ohioline

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Year-round Blueberry Plant Care Tips

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Countries in tropical parts of the world have …. When fruit set begins, protect bushes with bird netting.

Cover early, as birds and wildlife will eat the fruit well before it ripens. This Is My Garden is a garden website created by gardeners, publishing two articles every week, 52 weeks a year. This article may contain affiliate links. Skip to content. Posted By: TIMG Views growing blueberries , how to grow blueberries , how to plant blueberries , mulching blueberries , planting blueberries.

Blueberries are one of the healthiest fruits around. Blueberries are a nutrient-filled powerhouse of goodness. The highbush is the most commonly grown type of blueberry bush. When planting blueberry bushes, firm the soil around the plants before mulching. Using shredded pine bark and needles to mulch the bush. You May Also Like. Last weekend I pulled the much back to expose the dirt and added two pounds of earthworm castings on top of the dirt around the base of the plant, covered back up with mulch and watered.

Man let me tell you the blueberry plants just took off! They love the earthworm castings so much I am thinking of buying a few dozen eartworms and putting them under there. I doubt there is a better fertilizer for blueberries. Worm castings are wonderful around the garden.

I visited my brother, Richard, this past weekend, and his blueberries look amazing! Blueberries like fertile ground. If you mulch with leaves or needles it takes a while for them to break down and soil microbes will change the ph and bring it closer to neutral. Curious, since originally the commercial blueberry was developed in New Jersey by Mary?

White, where there are lots of cedars, including cedar swamps. My 2 year old blueberries are spindly and have a red blush on the leaves in mid spring. Searching online about cedar mulch, I found at least one site that claimed it was okay to use with established plants, and my experience back at our previous home bears this out.

Best Blueberry Varieties to Grow at Home

We used it all around our foundation plantings, and they thrived. Thank you so much for this post!

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Blueberries are on my planting list. I love them and buy so many. I really would like to grow my own. However, the spot I have is a bit shady, is that ok, or do blueberries require full sun? Blueberry plants will fruit best with at least 6 hours of sun.

Growing Berries in Your Backyard

They can grow in partial shade, but will not produce as well. I planted two blueberry plants last year in half-barrels. There are no pine needles available in my area, so a got some discarded Christmas trees from my neighbors in January. My plants are loving the pine needle mulch. I was wondering how one would winter over a potted blueberry bush. When they started putting on their leaves this spring something started eating the them right away!

Do you possibly know a common pest for the blueberry bush? I am curious as to how you are handling Spotted Wing Drosophila infestations? Here in the northeast the earliest blueberries are ok, but the later varieties become infested quickly is there a safe deterrent? I am from Philippines. Can I grow blueberries here in our country Tropical area? Where can I buy the seeds for planting? Great post about growing blueberries. I cannot wait to give it a go. The weather might be an issue where we are but will try and see if it works. If not will need to wait for better weather. Get your kids a tool set and let them go wild and plant in the garden.

Loved your post and thanks for the info about the different blueberry plant types. Will check them out at the nursery and see what they have available. Do you have any suggestions as to how to keep the birds out of the blueberry bushes?