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The slightest mistake can mean the difference between life and death, and tear them apart forever. Unexpected revelations, long-buried secrets, and unforeseen reunions threaten to destroy everything the Whitfields and Sheridans hold dear, throwing their lives into turmoil once again. A year has passed since the Sheridans fled the plague in England, but a new crisis tears Valerie and Louisa apart once again, with dire consequences. As the stranded Whitfields desperately try to return home to the seventeenth century, the Sheridans face a threat of a different nature.

The past rarely stays in the past, and a shocking murder brings things to a head as Kit is accused of the crime, and shameful secrets are brought into the open. As Finn fights for his life, Sam must face his own demons, and figure out where his loyalties lie. He wants to control her, to take her, but he is deeply reliant on Ash, and like his brother, he hides his true nature.

A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens

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The happiest he had been with Ms. Nielsen was a few months earlier, when American border agents had fired tear gas into Mexico to try to stop migrants from crossing into the United States. Human rights organizations condemned the move, but Mr. Trump loved it. That March day, he was furious at Mr. Pompeo, too, for having cut a deal with Mexico to allow the United States to reject some asylum seekers — a plan Mr. Trump said was clearly failing. Nielsen had tried reasoning with the president on many occasions. When she stood up to him during a cabinet meeting the previous spring, he excoriated her and she almost resigned.

People will still be permitted to claim asylum.

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But Mr. Trump was unmoved.

Even Mr. Kushner, who had developed relationships with Mexican officials and now sided with Ms. Nielsen, could not get through to him. I want it done at noon tomorrow. Closing it would wreak havoc on American farmers and automakers, among many others. That night, White House advisers succeeded in convincing the president to give them a reprieve, but only for a week, until the following Friday.

They started by pressuring their Mexican counterparts to rapidly increase apprehensions of migrants. Kushner and others in the West Wing showered the president with emails proving that the Mexicans had already started apprehending more migrants before they could enter the United States. White House advisers encouraged a stream of corporate executives, Republican lawmakers and officials from the U.

Chamber of Commerce to tell Mr. Trump how damaging a border closure would be. It was his view that the president needed to completely overhaul the Homeland Security Department and get rid of senior officials who he believed were thwarting efforts to block immigrants. Miller told him they had become part of the problem by constantly citing legal hurdles.

Nielsen, who regularly found herself telling Mr. When he ordered wall construction sped up, she said they needed permission from property owners. Take the land, Mr. Trump would say, and let them sue us. When Ms. Nielsen tried to get him to focus on something other than the border, the president grew impatient. During a briefing on the need for new legal authority to take down drones, Mr. Trump cut her off midsentence. Trump said, according to two people familiar with the conversation. But the problem went deeper than Ms. Nielsen, Mr. Miller believed.