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But it's a core responsibility as a leader; you owe them the truth and they'll be better off for knowing the truth over the long run. It might sting in the moment, but if you communicate the message with respect and dignity, the recipient will be appreciative later in their life, even if they never show it. Hidden agendas may be the easiest lack of transparency to spot, because the untruthful party still has to take action and engage in certain behaviors to progress their real agenda.

We human beings tend to see through such false overtures. It's a fundamental truth that when intentions aren't pure, they're so much easier to spot than when they're pristine. So don't play this game.

Presentation Ideas: Be Transparent

One of the most toxic organizations I've ever been a part of had a leader who had nothing but hidden agendas. The funny thing is, everyone seemed to know it but him. Nothing is more transparent than when someone's not being transparent. Practice these five methods to have people reading the right things about you. There's only one way forward here. Speak the truth, deal with reality as a team, provide hope. So -- at work, with friends, in the family -- be a communicator and a leader, or be walked around or over.

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Have audits of how the family spends its money. Make the rules to include everyone, even people who seem to mean well who may make a slip in judgment -- so, "it's not just about mean or evil people. Ask polite, kind and friendly questions even in the family about what children do at another house or outside or out of your sight, etc. But, don't jump to conclusions either about tickling or such contact which may be an old trick to break down resistance or may be innocent Open your family meetings to the kids, but not so you can complain about them.

Include in-laws in the family.

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  4. Warn the naive and innocent that "Some people are not what they seem. Warn children against, doing odd kinds of favors , even for nice, people They seem nice, but aren't Warn against keeping secrets -- about youngsters or adults, even in the family, that might ask for top secret or even make threats. Allow no experimentation or playing in "sexual nor physical" abuse matters with under age children.

    Being Transparent | Coach with Heart

    It may turn into abuse in or out of the family. Advocate freedom of questions and conversation. Talk openly and allow reviews of your opinions. Recall "All in the Family" -- how Archie Bunker stifled would not listen to not only his wife, Edith, but also Gloria, his daughter, and the "Meathead", his son-in-law. Explain that tricky people may say the opposite of the truth. Most "bad behaving" people look nice, but they're not really that nice and may even be a relative like a cousin, an uncle, an aunt and look exactly like any other good looking people who do wrong things, and the child is easily confused.

    Transparency at work requires both great technology and a company culture centered on openness.

    2. Be transparent about the state of the union.

    The result: increased productivity and trust. When important information is accessible, everyone will understand the goals of the company and feel empowered to make better decisions independently. Instead of using a complicated org chart, why not employ a simple list of responsibilities so each employee can take ownership of a specific set of tasks? As a result, everyone else on the team will be aware of what everyone else is working on and who they need to ask for guidance, deliverables, and sign-off.

    Leaders who speak openly about the state of the company gain trust.

    5 Powerful Things Happen When A Leader Is Transparent

    While it can be difficult to reveal you had a bad quarter financially, keeping employees in the know every step of the way maintains confidence in your leadership and company. It can be particularly important during periods of high growth or financial struggle. Of course there is such a thing as too much transparency; keep performance reviews, employee salaries, and other sensitive matters private.

    Huda and Mona Kattan: ON How Being Transparent & Vulnerable Built An Empire

    Every company has a different comfort level, so figure out what works best for you.