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Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. VeggieTales in the House — Rate This. Season 1 Episode 7. All Episodes When I win, it's my name that'll go on that shelter!

Archibald pulls out in front of Ichabeezer, because he had a turbo-charged hemi dropped into his monster truck, but Ichabeezer has some tricks of his own too, before telling Rooney to hit the nitrous oxide, which Rooney does, as Ichabeezer then drives up next to Archibald. The two racers zoom past Bob and Larry, making them spin around, before the two racers reach the edge of the street at the same time. Ichabeezer thinks that he won, but Archibald tells him that he won, before they both approach Bob for the results.

Bob then tells them it was a perfect tie, while Archibald then dejectedly says that he'll have to come up with some other way to find a name for the shelter, with Ichabeezer saying that it's a rip-off. Of course, Bob then thinks that a shelter name after him would be a good idea, before telling Archibald, "You could name it after me. Of course, Archibald thinks otherwise, realizing that Bob gave him an idea, saying that they can name it after the most generous, helpful person in town, before going off to spread the word about it. Larry then tells Bob that it's a great idea to have a whole building named after someone, before asking who they know that is generous and helpful.

Bob then says, "Larry, you're looking at him", before asking if "The Bob Shelter of Generosity and Hope" has a nice ring to it. Larry then says that his bathtub has a nice ring to it, which Bob is frustrated to hear. Archibald then approaches Laura, who is sweeping the ground, as he thanks her for being ever so kind. Back home, Larry is trying to take apart two video game controllers that got stuck together with gum that he put on one controller and put the other controller on top of the other, to no avail, while Bob says that he is generous and that he does things for people all the time, before wondering how to get everyone else to believe that.

When Larry explains to Bob about what happened and asks him to help, Bob takes the opportunity to help out as he takes the controllers from Larry and tries to pull them apart.

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After a while, Bob is able to pull the controllers apart before giving them back to Larry. When Bob asks Larry if that was super-generous of him, Larry answers that he can't shrug any harder, which frustrates Bob yet again. Bob angrily says to himself that that was really generous but no one saw it, before asking himself how people will know if he's generous if they can't see it, and that he needs something that will get people's attention.

Bob then notices a gong that Larry apparently either bought or found in a dumpster, since he can't remember which one it was. Bob then takes the gong with him before he leaves the house after that. After Bob leaves, Larry then blows a gum bubble that lifts him up into the air, before he drops the video game controller afterwards.

After Bob has entered town while carrying the gong, he then notices Pa Grape who is having trouble trying to reach a window to wash it but Bob is able to reach the window for him. After washing the window, Bob then bangs the gong, which gets everyone attention, as he then announces to everyone that he he has helped Pa clean his window, telling them to remember this when it comes time to name the shelter, before he then bangs the gong repeatedly after that.

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After Bob has finished banging the gong, Pa asks him if he thinks that's what true generosity looks like, saying that real generosity doesn't seek attention, but Bob cuts him off saying, "Exactly! From a distance, Ichabeezer notes that everyone in town will know that Bob is the most generous, so conspires to find a way to let everyone know that his amazing name needs to go on the building. Jean-Claude and Phillipe also need their names on the building, saying that they need to get something more "gong-ier". Because of this, Phillipe offers to walk Larry's guppy, while Jean-Claude is walking a corn man's pet lobster.

Jimmy and Jerry also desire to have their names on the building since they think that they are the most generous and helpful.

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At Ichabeezer's home, Ichabeezer is playing the piano while singing about how he is generous, helpful, and humble, before he hears his door knocking as he goes to answer it. Ichabeezer then explains to Rooney that he ordered a boom box that will play a loud song about his generosity that would surely put Bob's gong trick to shame.

However, when Ichabeezer opens the box, the boom box that came in it is incredibly tiny, while he quips that "it looked much bigger online".

Back in town, Granny Asparagus is about to cross the street, when Jimmy and Jerry pick her up and carry her across. After the Gourd brothers put her down again, Jimmy says, "Look at us be kind and generous", before he and Jerry start playing saxophones off-key as they leave. Junior then also helps Granny across the street, despite Granny's insistence that she doesn't need any help, just as Junior then starts playing an electric guitar after that.

Captain Mike tries helping Granny Asparagus across, but Mr.

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Lunt also tries helping her across, since he also wants his name on the building. Madame Blueberry wants a turn to help, offering to help Granny Asparagus cross the street, to which Granny Asparagus then faints after that.