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Bringing their years of experience of filming in challenging environments, filmmakers Alex Parkinson and Richard da Costa immerse the viewer in the mysterious and claustrophobic world of saturation diving. At the Huntington oil field, miles east of Peterhead, a routine maintenance dive on a North Sea oil well turned into a fight for survival when a computer error aboard the commercial ship The Topaz sent the boat drifting away from its dive site, dragging along everything attached to it: including commercial diver Chris Lemons. With his diving umbilical cord snagged on an underwater structure and the full weight of the 8, tonne ship strained against his lifeline, Chris became stranded on the seabed with only five minutes of breathing gas and rescue 30 minutes away.

Resist all temptation to read too much about it beforehand. Last Breath is a fascinating real-life race-against-time thriller that will leave you literally gasping.

Last Breath: Dive disaster doc stretched to its limits

This is an extraordinary film which gives an insight not only into the difficult conditions these crews work under, but also the type of personality it takes to do this kind of work. The men must cope with a strange mixture of isolation and routine boredom but also high pressure, extreme danger, and as Lemons and his colleagues experienced, life-threatening situations. Absolutely gripping. That is all I want to say for this book. I was completely blown away by this one.

Jessica Clare joining up with Jen Frederick have written a heart pounding suspense romance that will keep its readers on their toes from the first to last page. I just couldn't get enough of this story and it captivated me from the beginning. This does contain some tough issues on sexual slavery so it's not for the faint of heart. But what a read!! Loved every single moment while listening to this one.

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The story kicks off, with Regan for a while. We see her side of things, from the beginning really. Seeing what she has gone through over the months was simply heartbreaking Most women eventually would. But not Regan. She has this inner strength you have to admire. Before she was kidnapped she was just a sweet and kind woman and went with the flow.

But this experience has definitely changed her to fighting for herself and those she cares about. Our hero is such a great match for her. Daniel is ex military, became a hit man, and for long eighteen months has been searching for his sister while rescuing any of the woman he can along the way. But Regan is the first that he is drawn to. In Daniel's mind, Regan is unique. Because she is a fighter, when all the other women he has rescued have become like dolls Just existing. But Regan is determined, strong and courageous.

The attraction between these two is very obvious and vibrant. But after Regan's experiences, they take it slowly. And I really admired that. It fit with the setting of the story and the characters. Just because you are attracted doesn't mean you just jump into bed right away.

I liked that these two learn each other both emotionally and physically. This story has alternating POV between the hero and the heroine which I really liked. I love seeing both sides of the story, from both the hero and the heroine's personal perspective. The romance is sweet at times and very emotional and I really liked that.

It had its poignant moments, but some flirty and fun ones too!! The suspense is pretty intense at times and is good enough to get your heart racing. I loved these moments, seeing these two fight together and protecting each other. We also get to see Nikolai and Daisy and meet two new hitman that are heroes in the next two books.

This was a blast of a romance that rocked my world!!! Intense, gratifying, and sassy!! I want more from both of them. I loved both of their voices, and they handled the story very well. Especially with all that goes on with this one, they portrayed the story in the perfect way. I hope that they do the next books too. I just want to run my hands through it.

I love the intensity of the cover with the gray background and the colored titled writing. Jun 26, Syndi rated it liked it. Feb 17, Claire Robinson rated it it was amazing Shelves: shit-hot-series. I am old school when it comes to writing my reviews, as such I am also not a highlighter, which means all my notes are handwritten, and let me tell you that I have hand ache from the amount of notes 4.

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I am old school when it comes to writing my reviews, as such I am also not a highlighter, which means all my notes are handwritten, and let me tell you that I have hand ache from the amount of notes I took while reading Last Breath, in a good way though as there were so many great points in the book it was hard to stop myself! Being an avid Jen Frederick fan, I am always happy to read and review her latest releases, but I am relatively new to the darker side of the romance genre kidnapping, forced slavery etc , so I did go into the book with a little trepidation.

I need not have worried because Last Breath is so well put together please forgive me Jen and Jessica for my doubts you do literally lose yourself in the action and the story that is being told. Last Breath is literally a rollercoaster ride of a story, from the moment Daniel and Regan leave the brothel it is pedal-to-the-metal, non-stop entertainment. From their hilarious snarky conversations and inner monologues — I duck and cringe against Daniel, my fingers going to his waistband for comfort Though I have to say your timing is terrible when it comes to foreplay.

Regan struggles to break from the mentality that everything results in the requirement of sex, and although he wants her Daniel goes at her pace and lets her take the lead in every one of their interactions. Despite her total and almost consuming fear that Daniel is going to leave her Regan, does start to trust him and his motives as the story progresses.

I promise. She is so achingly goddamned beautiful, and that I want her so much my balls might fall off. My thanks go to Jen and Jessica for generously providing me with a copy of Last Breath in exchange for the above honest review. View all 15 comments. Dec 27, Didi rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , suspense , kidnapping. Daniel, an acquaintance to Nick and fellow assassin, is out looking for Regan, Daisy's roommate who was kidnapped along with her for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Regan isn't Daniel's only concern. He's been looking for his sister who was kidnapped while vacationing in Mexico. This was a very action-filled and tense read. I felt so bad for Regan and all the horrendous things she had to go through while waiting to be found. She was very strong and surprisingly capable of moving on from such difficult circumstances. When Daniel came on the scene she was understandably suspicious but eventually feeling safe around him gave way to other, more complex feelings.

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I loved Daniel. A southern gentleman that had to become a mercenary. I loved his sarcastic attitude and how he treated Regan so beautifully. Although I found their romantic feelings a Little rushed, I was happy that they found love in each other. There was a lot of running away from the nasty bad guys, a lot of roadbumps to finally putting to rest the demons that haunted both Daniel and Regan. The steam was pretty hot too, lots of sexual tension before anything substantial happened.

This wasn't a pleasant, go-get-the-girl type read, it was violent and really showed how depraved and disgusting the world of human trafficking is. These men are animals that need to be put down. I loved the ending, very sweet and well deserved. The biggest shocker is the next book that will concern Naomi Daniel's sister and Vasily--maybe because they both like the quiet?

It's a good series so far and keeps you interested, enjoyed it. View all 12 comments.

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Dec 05, Julia's Book Haven rated it it was amazing Shelves: own-paperback , favorites , arc-reviews , contemporary-romance. ARC given to me by the authors for an honest review This series has become a new favourite.

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The first book was amazing and Last Breath was just as amazing if not more. This one was definitely darker then Last Hit, we see the dredges of humanity. But Regan was like a shining light of goodness through the whole story. She was so freaking strong, I don't even know how she did it. She survived and managed not to fall apart even with all the crazy dangerous stuff happening around her.

And Daniel, well ARC given to me by the authors for an honest review This series has become a new favourite. And Daniel, well how can you not love him? He is the type of man you want at your back.