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Synopsis In an age where so many secret stories are demanding to be told, the author fearlessly takes us into her broken heart in hopes of buoying others in their own afflictions. As her life is split open early, repeatedly and even savagely from threats to babies born and unborn, to a daughter's health and longevity, and to a husband's fidelity, she discovers the gifts that lay hidden within each. Freed from her afflictions, she finds a path to authentic living. Clearing a fiercely unconventional path to her own heart's desires, she also finds a new life as a Jew with a conversion to Judaism.

Love for Our Afflictions does more than advise making lemonade out of lemons. It wakes us up to challenge an old, unchallenged belief--that afflictions are to be dreaded and feared-- and shows us how we can instead find love for our afflictions. Reviews Be the first to review this e-book. Write your review Wanna review this e-book? Robert N. Ariana Carruth. Joy and peace fuel our staying power patience and if we are able to refuse the urge to give up, then we will eventually receive our breakthrough, because of our unyielding faith.

He teaches us that the prophets of old should serve as mentors to us. The prophets dealt with all sorts of challenges and attacks. God is honored when we are able to believe and trust Him, in spite of whatever may be coming against us. Yes, God is pleased when we refuse to quit. Life is a gift to me, an enjoyment, a pleasurable journey, if I resolve to stay the course; if I make up in my mind that I will not throw in the towel, that I will never give up, and that I will never quit.

No, we have an adversary and he will do everything in his power to get you frustrated. But he knows that he cannot make you lose. All he can do is attempt to force you to quit. If you quit, if you give up on God, if you stop believing, if you loose the hold of your faith, then you will not receive what you are believing God for and it will be on you.

But he can make quitting attractive. No matter how attractive he makes quitting look you must resist the urge to do so. Tomorrow we are going to look at how Job stayed the course and how he was blessed for it in the end.

God's Purpose in Our Pain (2 Corinthians 12:7-10)

It means that life is a gift for those who stay the course. The enemy will do all the he can to send trouble your way, but when you stay the course you literally trouble your trouble!

So resolve to remain strong in faith and patience. Joy and peace will fuel your staying power! Those experiences have developed my staying power.

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I have the ability to stay the course, no matter what the enemy sends my way. I trouble my trouble by remaining strong in faith and patience. The force of consistency is working in my life. Faith, patience, joy, and peace all enable me to stay the course and never quit! Not only can we wait on God, but we can have Joy and Peace while we do it. Our text talks about Job. If there was anyone that needed the ability to stay the course it was Job.

We have joy in the midst of challenges. We can benefit from the joy and peace of the Lord, even while we wait on the manifestation of His promise. This takes us back to Job and his staying power. You have not seen the end of the story.

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Refuse to give up. Refuse to quit. Refuse to throw in the towel of your faith.

Remain strong, continue to believe God, and tap into His Joy and Peace while you do. Curse God and die! Did you get that? Not only did she tell him to curse God and die, but she expressed her frustration with his determination. She was mad at him for holding on to his integrity. Will you be able to hold on to yours? Will you be able to remain the same, even in the midst of changing circumstances?

Job did not change. Job refused to quit. It means that you should learn from Job and develop your own staying power. You must be determined to hold on to your integrity, no matter how long it takes, and no matter what challenges you face. If you hold on, if you operate in staying power, if you refuse to quit, you too will see the end of the Lord in your situation! I learn from Job this morning and I develop my own level of staying power.

I hold on to my integrity, no matter what things may look like in my life. I refuse to quit.

3 Things God Never Promised

I refuse to throw in the towel of my faith. I ignore the negative influences that may tell me to give up on You.

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I fuel my faith with Your Word and with the words of the positive influences in my life. I wait on You Lord and I am determined to see the end of the story! The Power of Knowing that God Cares back to the top. No matter what came his way he refused to quit; refusing to give up on God.

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Even when his wife urged him to curse God, give up, and die, he refused to do it. In the end he received his turnaround and he got his breakthrough. We are learning to believe that God is going to bring it all together for us at the end. We are learning that our state is not our fate. We are learning that God is a good God and he wants to release His goodness in our lives.

And we are learning that while we wait on Him we are to wait with the power that is released from His joy and the stability that we can anchor ourselves in with His peace. How is it that believers can wait on God, even when the situations seem exceedingly grim, beyond repair, and borderline impossible? And how is it that some can actually seem happy while they wait; waiting with a smile on their face, a song in their heart, and a spring in their step? When you really trust God then you know that He has your best interest at heart.

You know that He cares about you. Think about that for a moment. The God of Universe, the God that created everything, the God that spoke light from darkness, order from chaos, and life from death, cares about you. Several places in the Bible it tells us that He spends time thinking about you. He has you on His mind.