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Specimens come in and are received by lab processors like Michelle Zambrano. Michelle processes and distributes the specimens from the floor and operating room to the laboratory technologists in different departments, such as Emmy in Hematology.

Luckily, Southside Hospital has a lot of innovative technology to help lab technologists get the quick results they need. What used to take us a half hour now takes us five or ten minutes.

Here she oversees a new lab technologist, Stefani Gomez, as she prepares blood samples on slides. The calls could be impacting patient care. Our leadership has made a big difference in the lab.

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View Workshop. Starts October 02 Teen Anxiety Teens will learn to recognize the signs of unwanted anxious thoughts and feelings. But according to Bashir Salahuddin , who came up with the idea for the series with his brother Sultan Salahuddin and former fellow Late Night With Jimmy Fallon writer Diallo Riddle , humanizing the community of Englewood is priority.

Many of the actors and workers on the set of South Side are actually from Chicago. And Salahuddin says he hopes to show another side of low-income communities like Englewood, which is experiencing a noticeable upswing. From January to October there were fewer shootings, a 43 percent decrease.

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And, even as conversations about gentrification swirl , openings of both Starbucks and Whole Foods have injected a sense of economic optimism. Salahuddin knew there was comedic gold in the lives of everyday, hardworking, blue-collar black folk. Uncle Remus or Chicago Cubs vs. White Sox.

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For us, this was unclaimed territory. We knew we needed to do a definitive show that jumped into that specific culture. The emergence of The Chi and South Side come at a time of exceptional growth for the Chicago entertainment industry. One of the eight major television series filmed full time in Chicago is Empire. But it has a huge, vibrant theater scene, so we have a lot of actors we can pull from.