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So how do I stop drinking when I get home?

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Identify the need There are a few techniques we recommend to our members who are trying and break this habit. The first one is understanding what the need for the alcohol is at the time. When we recognise and understand why we are drinking, it can help us realise that there are alternative, healthier ways to relax.

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Swapping out the alcohol For some, a drink after work is a way to mark the end of the day. So this could still be done with swapping an alcoholic drink to a non-alcoholic drink. We have had feedback from members in our community who recommend having a selection of tasty alcohol-free drinks at home ready to go.

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Daybreak Members have also shared with us a great tip — pour your alcohol-free drink into a nice glass, so that way you feel like it is more special! A good idea could be to go for a walk, as moving your body after sitting at a desk all day can help you feel physically and mentally better and more clear minded. Our members have found it can be helpful to try a few of these different activities to see what works best. Online communities like Daybreak are a great way to have support at your fingertips.

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Be compassionate with yourself It is not going to be an easy routine to break, so be kind to yourself, and give yourself credit for trying! If you become overwhelmed by strong urges when you get home from a hard day and all you want to do is pick up that wine glass, it may help to try this exercise one of our Daybreak health coaches shares with people who need support:. This looks very helpful but without a glass or two of red after work, I often find it difficult to go to sleep.

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Do you have any suggestions? I have found drinking non alcoholic wine has worked. I drink it from a wine glass and it has all the sense of wine without the alcohol. This is so timely as just this morning I said to my husband I felt all my hard work during dry july just went out of the window! It is that time of changeover from work to home that causes me so much grief.

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This is particularly relevant for snoozing. Moriak also started to use a Jawbone, which has an app that monitors sleep cycles. When you were a kid, you probably felt no temptation to hit snooze on Christmas morning or your birthday. You were just too excited to see what the day would bring. You can achieve a similar dynamic by doing something you really want to do when you first wake up.

Elisabeth McKetta stopped snoozing when she realized that, between her job and her family, early mornings were her only time to write. She gets up at around a. But she can write in quiet from a.


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Progress creates its own motivation. If your living quarters are tight enough, you could put your alarm by a programmed coffee machine, and have that first cup waiting for you. Jen Dziura, founder of the work-life advice site GetBullish , says that she used to have a snooze-button problem, but her smartphone saved her.

Routine can make us feel powerless as intimate partners.

People are often willing to change a habit for a short period of time. Try challenging yourself to stop snoozing for a week, or even a month.

Jo Burr decided to wake up early, without the snooze button, and to pray every morning during the weeks before Christmas in Since she was accountable to a group at her church, this helped her stick with the challenge for a few weeks. Then the benefits became so obvious that she decided to keep going.