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Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Explain the context. Then reveal the first step. We feel subconsciously compelled to pay attention to the task till we see it finished. Try it in your next presentation. All you need is to apply a simple custom animation to your visuals — to reveal information in stages.

He has created and appeared in over videos at office.

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My favorite trick to do in PowerPoint is to create transparent overlays over slides, videos, photographs in PowerPoint! You can dim photos, create duo-tone overlays, darken, brighten, add exposure, add a vignette or do pretty much anything regarding colors with this type of object! Best part is — you can freely copy it between slides or even separate PowerPoints! My top tip to presentation designers of all levels is a simple, elegant, and often overlooked technique: bleed your inserted photographs and videos all the way to the edges.

Insert your image. If next is necessary, set it in a semi-transparent shape with sufficient contrast against the text color.

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Think also about your favorite movies and TV shows. Their images take up all available screen space. Yours can too. He was the first blogger on the internet to cover PowerPoint topics. Tony is an expert designer and producer of PowerPoint presentations and proposal graphics.

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As a presentation and communication specialist, she helps clients build high quality presentations, from basic slide design to complex animations and infographics. Keep your layouts clean and well-structured by implementing a grid system with guides on the pasteboard of your master slide. She is a top visual designer of presentations and websites. When I create PowerPoint tutorials on YouTube I am always thinking about techniques that would be really simple to implement and yet would have the biggest positive impact.

So if you have 2 minutes to transform your presentation from good to awesome, I would suggest looking at your fonts. Find a beautiful, fresh looking font pair one font for the headers and one for the body and you can instantly change how your presentation feels and looks like. I have an easy favorite that I often use. You know the arrow type that looks like a Nike Swoosh logo? The ones that start at a point then become thicker as they softly curve up or down?

I have an easy hack that uses broken SmartArt to create such an arrow.

Rotate, Flip Vertical, Flip Horizontal, or resize to further customize. He is the guru of time-saving PowerPoint tips. If you want to be blown away by how fast someone can whip a PPT into shape, check out his blog or videos.

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Want to move something just a smidge using the arrow keys? Try holding down the [Control] key with the arrow keys and watch as your slide objects move by just a pixel at a time. Select the newly created SmartArt containing your text, right-click and ungroup it twice, giving you text in rectangles.

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Now, delete any extraneous SmartArt items i. Voila, you have magically turned a page of bullet points into visual chunks—much easier to read! He leads a team of visual design professionals dedicated to all types of visual communication. I recently went on a crazy experimentation spree channeling my inner mad scientist! You first put a picture of the chimney on your slide. Simply view in presentation mode and prepare for your jaw to drop… check out this trick with more details and examples here. She is also the author of the Spicy Presentations blog. For example, if the slide would benefit from a gorgeous script as an accent element, I will turn that piece of text into an image.

I do this by selecting the font as an object, copying it and then pasting it as a picture either right click to paste or use the paste button in the Home menu.

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Many students want detailed lecture notes, but get bored quickly reading mountains of text on a slide. Sections are used to organize slides within a presentation by grouping slides and giving each group a name. When running a presentation with multiple presenters, or an awards show with multiple award categories, I add lots of PowerPoint sections. The ability to minimize live-show stress and find the correct section to jump to is amazing!

You can reveal specific parts of a diagram, make something change color by clicking it, or give people multiple choice questions and have the correct answer pop-up. Right click on any animation, choose Timing, then Triggers in the pop-up window, and choose which object you click to start trigger the animation.

You can have multiple triggers on one slide and multiple animations triggered by the same object. Richard Goring is the Director at BrightCarbon. He creates compelling and persuasive presentations using visuals and diagrams. I open the most eyes when I discuss how to use the Notes page to create handouts that are contained within the same PPTX file as the slides. Most people have never spent even a second in the Notes master so they never knew you could globally reformat the Notes pages to allow them to better accommodate the creation of handout pages.

Rick Altman is the Director of R.

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Tired of eyeballing that slide to see if all the objects are all even or in the same grid?