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Book Category Portal. You and I will go to Wyanoke within a day or two. Just as soon as my husband, Doctor Brent, can spare me. The girl was manifestly losing something of her timidity under the influence of her new-found trust and confidence in Dorothy, and Dorothy was quick to discover the fact, but cautious not to presume upon it.

The two talked till supper time, and the girl accompanied her hostess to that meal, where, for the first time, she met Arthur Brent. That adept in the art of observation so managed the conversation as to find out a good deal about Evelyn Byrd, without letting her know or suspect that he was even interested in her.

He asked her no questions concerning herself or her past, but drew [57] her into a shy participation in the general conversation. That night he said to Dorothy:—. Both have been dwarfed, or rather forbidden development, whether purposely or by accidental circumstances I cannot determine.

A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History

Under your influence she will grow as a plant does in the sunshine. I almost envy you your pupil. I have much more to do here than I thought, and shall have to leave the laboratory work at Wyanoke to you for the present. The railroads are greatly overtaxed just now, as General Lee is using every car he can get for the transportation of troops and supplies—mainly troops, for heaven knows there are not many supplies to be carried. I have promised the surgeon-general that the laboratory at Wyanoke shall be worked to its full capacity in the preparation of medicines and appliances, so you are needed there at once.

But under present [58] conditions it is better that you travel across country in a carriage. You will have a small military escort as far as the James River. After that, you will have no need. How I do envy you the interest you are going to feel in this Evelyn Byrd! He said nothing of his purpose in going thither, and Pollard had no impulse to ask him, as he certainly would have been moved to ask any other enlisted man under his command, especially now that the hasty movements of troops in preparation for the coming campaign had brought the army into a condition resembling fermentation.

Storm Series by Evelyn Rosado

As he entered the office, Arthur Brent raised his eyes, and instantly a look of amazed recognition came over his face. That means much. The testimony was. But between evidence and testimony there is a world of difference.

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If a score of men should swear to us that they had seen a jet of oxygen put out fire, and a jet of carbonic acid gas rekindle it from a dying coal, we should instantly reject their testimony in favour of the evidence of our own knowledge. In the same way, I have always rejected the [61] testimony that convicted you, because I have, in my knowledge of you, evidence of your innocence. You and I were students together both in this country and in Europe. We were friends, roommates, comrades, day and night.

Evelyn Derek

I learned to know your character perfectly, and I hold character to be as definite a fact as complexion is, or height, or anything else. I had the evidence of my own knowledge of you. The testimony contradicted it. Therefore I rejected the testimony and believed the evidence. I did not expect it. I ought to, but I did not. If I had reasoned as soundly as you do, I should have known how you would feel.

But I am morbid perhaps. Circumstances have tended to make me so.

A culture of catastrophe

Say [62] so to all who may ask to see me, and peremptorily refuse to bring me any card or any name or any message. You understand. When the two were seated, Arthur Brent said:—. How comes it that you are here, and wearing a Confederate uniform? It is simple enough. By a desperate effort I escaped from Sing Sing, and after a vast deal of trouble and some hardship, I succeeded in making my way into the Confederate lines.

Thinking to hide myself as completely as possible, I enlisted in a battery that has no gentlemen in its ranks, but has a habit of getting itself into the thick of every fight and staying there. I wanted to hide myself. I thought that as a cannonier in such a battery I should escape all possibility of observation.

But that battery has very little material out of which to make non-commissioned [63] officers. Very few of the men can read or write. So it naturally came about that I was put into place as a non-commissioned officer, and I am now sergeant-major, greatly to my regret. In that position I must be always with Captain Pollard. When I learned that he and you were intimates, and that your duty often called you to the front, I saw the necessity of coming to you to find out on what terms you and I might meet after—well, in consideration of the circumstances.

I have not asked you if you are innocent of the crimes charged against you. I never shall ask you that. I know , because I know you! But it is due to you—due to your faith in me—that I should voluntarily say to you what you refuse to ask me to say. As God sees me, I am as innocent as you are. I could have established my innocence at the critical time, but I would not. I understand. You made a heroic self-sacrifice. Let me rejoice only in the fact that you are free again.

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You are enlisted under your own name? I could never take an alias. I carry an extra small one in my vest pocket for emergencies. I carry them in two pockets to make sure that no wound shall prevent me getting at them. I shall not be taken alive.